Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Miss You, Delly

Now that I am on this 128MB, Windows 98, piece of shit from hell, I often sit back and think about Delly, all the memories we had. Sniff, sniff....I lost my best friend practically. Well, one of them, anyway.

He sits, connected to nothing in the corner of my room. He holds about 600 of "My Pictures", many Photo Stories, all my bestest, favorite places and I really miss him, DAMMIT!

I used to make videos of the kids to music and watch them 10 times a day to suit any emotion I craved to feel. If I felt sentimental...memory videos with sad songs, if I felt like a good laugh, funny videos of Cassie posing with kissy faces and pushed out chest. I want them back!

I am still on the search for a job(Delly could do it much faster) and nothing is coming up at all. I am even involving family, who never call back with these leads they had, and I am starting to think they are avoiding me or just forgetting to actually do what they say they will and thus, avoiding me cause they forgot, cause they are too wrapped up in their own lives and WHAT ABOUT ME?? When did it stop being about me?? Oh, wait, it never was except for those occasions when they needed someone to pick on.

Okay, I am just kidding I am not that pathetic that all I do is sit around and say "poor me" and "everyone is against me"....well, not ALL the time anyway!


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