Saturday, April 07, 2007

One's Vacation is Another One's Hell.

There are so many occasions that bring dread to people. Funerals, open houses at school, your preteen daughter's slumber party because it is 4am and they are still giggling hysterically, spending holidays at your in-laws, but is there any occasion as dreadful as your husband being on vacation. Okay. Maybe the funeral one, depending on who it is and junk...but the vacation one is right up there! Trust. Me.

I cannot decide whether Bob gets on my nerves more when he is being an ass or more when he is being too accommodating. Of course you get both sides because he will keep trying to do things for me until it gets me nuts, I explode, and then it follows with the asshole behavior. Maybe the biggest issue is that everything he does is right up there in your face, good, bad and ugly.

I remember being young and how my mom's whole mood changed when my dad got home. She would be more edgy, more annoyed and seemed like her face might crack. He picked olives out of the salad and she sighed, he stood in her way as she tried to get the rest of dinner on the table and god forbid he try and help because any position he took upon arriving home was just in her way.

As a child, I was never really sure who to feel more sorry for, the annoyed or the annoyer, who annoyed, seemingly, by just being there at all. But now I get it and yet, somehow, I don't get it at all.

Do we resent them because we blame them or do we resent them because, no matter how much of a bitch you are, no matter how mean and unloving you treat them, they just will NOT go away! And when you tell them all the reasons you are miserable and how this thing is just not working at all for you, they ask if you "wanna do it" two hours later. I mean, WTF??

Makes you wonder if they are really that dumb or just really that smart, doesn't it?


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