Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Rush Through of Random Crap

Wednesday, felt bad. Played darts. Got to laugh at my goofy friend dance with a hair piece placed in varies, humerous spots. Had fun.

Thursday, watched Oprah, was inspired by the show, so I went shopping. Felt much better.

Friday, went to my mom's, made up easter baskets there and ate lots of wheat, pretzel thingies. Cleaned the whole house. Shopped some more without checking balance of account, figured I would deal with it later.

Dealt with it later by having a few beers while Ryan had some friends over, who were cooking steaks at 2am in my kitchen. Went to bed at 3am, Brooke saw froggies at 305am and was screaming in horror...again. Took an hour to get her back to sleep. Feel like shit.

Sent Bob shopping as I watch the hours pass today, too tired to get a bath or do any of the things I have to do to get ready for tomorrow. May take a nap, or if that fails, may be a cranky bitch and continue to watch hours pass while I do nothing, still.

The end.


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