Thursday, June 28, 2007

:( :o)

Well, I got through the graduation party and will have pictures to follow soon. I am still working off an old computer and scanning is a bit of a challenge.

It turned out just fine, even thought the day started with a flat tire, car switch and then running out of gas in town....typical day for me, really. After cooking non-stop for four days, I went on strike in the kitchen. Leftovers, Sunday and Monday, order out Tuesday and a lame attempt of cooking for Wednesday....angel hair pasta that cooks in 6 minutes and a jar of Prego.

Cassie has been excruciatingly difficult the last few days and I totally blame her for me forgetting to put the afternoon blood draws in the pick-up box before leaving work..cause, damn, she is stressing me out. It is getting so bad, I fear I will leave for work without everything I need, like pants or brain is on overload.

Naturally, when things get tough, Bob makes 'em tougher and the nicest thing I have said to him all week was "I hope you will be happy with your next wife". I think that was extremely thoughtful of me. I'm just not sure he caught that after, "go straight to hell, asshole"...but I meant it, sincerely.

My parents took Brooke and Cassie for the day. I never thought I would say or type those words ever. They went to Pittsburgh and I am alone in my house. ALL ALONE. IN MY HOUSE. TEEEEE HEE HEE HEE!!!

I am going to shampoo my carpets and then watch them dry without anyone walking on them and catch up on laundry. I do live a life of excitement!

Time to get busy.......that is a lot of fun to pack into one day


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