Friday, June 01, 2007


I win the bitch of all bitches award. I'm mean, I yell at people all the time, I have this fed up, stay out of my way attitude and instead of releasing some of my anger with these continual seems to only grow.

It is like the anger for everything that has ever happened to me in the past 40 years is surfacing right now. I can't even stop myself. At the graduation I had to literally stop myself from talking at all because every time I opened my mouth it spurted hate and complaints about everything. I could hardly stand myself!

It did not help that I had not eaten since early morning and Bob was sent on a food run at 4:30, which was one hour before we were to leave. He was going to Wendy's and I said I did not want a hamburger, maybe just one of those deli sandwiches. Since a ten minute run for food is a 45 minute ordeal for Bob, I left to buy a camera at 5 o'clock, knowing that calling him to pick one up would make us late and drive him past the hour mark on two errands. Upon arriving home, I was so hungry it was making me even more evil. I walk in and grab a Wendy's bag and it is EMPTY!!!! I said, "Where is my sandwich??".

"You said you did not want a burger......"

I cannot even describe the rage that filled my entire body as I realized he can only comprehend the first part of a sentence, but to top it off, my parents start calling asking where we are, they are standing in front of the high school and it is 5:15pm. We were to meet them there at 5:45pm to give them their tickets. Travis, in the meantime, has given Bob his tie because he can't tie it...turns out Bob forgets how to, as well.

My parents call back three minutes later, "You didn't leave yet?? People are going in!! We are not going to get a seat...". I grab a piece of cake, the only ready to eat food in the house at that moment and tell Bob to get the tie figured out so we can go. He tries three more times, I have inhaled the cake, the phone rings..."Trying to tie a tie??? Bring it down here, your dad will tie it at the high school, we have been waiting for fifteen minutes here and cannot get in without the tickets!!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Travis is now ordered to forget the tie and put on his cap and gown for a quick picture session. He starts to protest, but then looks directly into my eyes and sees the pure evil and quickly gets it on so I can take the pictures. We fly out the door, but then hear Brooke scream, "You didn't give me a hug and a kiss!!! WHAHHHHH!!". We run back for kisses and hugs, we run back to the car and then drive to the high school, me on a bitching rage from hell.."Travis can't just get on the shit so I can snap a picture, cake on an empty stomach sucks, I wish I could have had REAL food, it is too damn hot today, my parents drive me freakin' nuts...all early, always spazzin', how can you forget how to tie a tie, why am I surrounded by COMPLETE and TOTAL IDIOTS!!!!!!..hate, hate, hate!!!!!"

Once we get there, I moan and groan about the heat again and start a political discussion over something unimportant, but annoying to others. I see Dee Dee who speaks to me and I think I may have growled and I do remember rolling my is all a blur now. I went to my seat, started talking about how we were screwed out of tickets...started a Muttley grumbling and then... when the music started... and the graduates starting filing in, I was all business with my proud momma smile and my camera.

That ended a split second after the closing music started.

Project Graduation-phase one complete. The memory tape and party still left, so many more bitching opportunities left.


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