Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Night in Darts

Last night I went to darts, as I would any other Wenesday, and saw not one, but two people I graduated with that I have not seen in many,many years. What are the chances of that?

Both have slight romantic ties, very slight, but still ties, none the less. The first was a guy I met in junior high. His dad was the principal and the object of my affection. Yes. The dad. I had a secret crush on my school prinipal, right at the budding of my puberty. He was my first fantasy subject involving sex. We made out in the science closet, on his desk and in empty classrooms after school hours. How embarrassing to admit it now, because he looked like a giant ape. The only thing I can be thankful about this morning is that I did not drink enough to decide it would be a good idea to tell his son how I made up these fantasies about his dad. Yeeks, yuck and icky icky!

The other was someone that I actually did go out with a few times and kissed a few times too. We seemed to have a mutual crush that neither acted on prior to the dates because we were always involved with someone else. I remember him well because it was such a mystery why we always seemed to be otherwise occupied on someone else when the other became "available". After the two times we did end up going out after parties, we both started dating our regular bf, gf again.

We talked for about fifteen minutes and though he looked quite different, I still saw the guy from high school, despite his life-worn appearance. He hugged me before he left and said "I still love ya,(take special note of tha "ya", that means in a friendship way cause my wife would kill me) you still have the prettiest face, just like you did back then. I had such a crush on you!". Okay, maybe he was drinking or something, but it still made me feel good. So, shut up.

And to my friend, Susan, you stupid bitch. You know I love you more than my fake tanner. I would have driven you home. I tried to drive you home, after half-joking I wouldn't.. It just so happened I was talking with JP about being stopped so many times on my way home and how paranoid it makes me everytime I leave, explaining why I am always closer to sober than drunk on dart nights. He was possibily insisting you go with him for ME, cause I still have such a pretty face and junk. My old boyfriend said so!!

Shut up!!!!


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