Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This and That.

I talk about several things here, but then they sort of drop off without explaination or updates. Obviously I sold my house, on land contract....not what I wanted, but at least someone else is making the payment.

SIL from hell update. She called about 6 days after the incident, Bob and SIL had words, she denied everything(big surprise), have not spoken since. I really hope she gets her life together one day and that she realizes that when everyone backs away, you can't cry victim forever and blame the world, you have to get smart enough to see that YOU are the problem.

I am starting to adjust well to the new house. I still hate my bedroom cause it is hot and cramped and smaller than my old one and it doesn't circulate air well and is stuffy and other junk like that.

My last post came into question by more than one of my friends and I wanted to clear up that it was not directed at anyone,including myself. Sometimes I just take issue with generalizations and have to get on my soapbox and pick them apart. So. Anyway. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

I am getting my Easter pictures developed tomorrow and hopefully can share some before the end of the week. We had a really good time and it was great hanging out with family from both sides. There was so much food, my frig is still packed with leftovers that will be raccoon food by tomorrow, cause I sick a da shit. Time to dump it out!

I am still upset when anyone mentions Kenny Rogers and I may need some counseling over it all. I am upset that Kellie is seemingly getting most of the votes on AI, and I really need to, also, look into getting a life.....after the finale.

Brooke was always a "true princess", but now has a week or more worth of princess wardrobe. Not just the dresses either, she has several princess shoes and crowns as well. Her birthday party was great and she now, officially, has 10 times more shit than anyone else in the house. She is quite pleased.

Time for AI!!!


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