Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brookie, With Pictures Totally Unrelated to Story.

Brooke has been sick since Monday. My plan to start writing here again was sidetracked by fevers, doctor visits and Brooke screaming , at least 100 times a day, "Oh!! This nose, I can't take it anymore!". When we went to see the doctor on Saturday, she randomly said to him, "If I saw a wishing star, I would wish to breath out of my nose like other people can.". He said it broke his heart. Mine was a little shattered too.

She needs her adenoids out. We decided to wait til June when school was out and then Bob decided that maybe wait a few years, it will traumatize her and then ...BAM...this horrid week and I think we all realize she needs them out ASAP. Even on non-cold/allergy days she struggles to ever breath out of her nose, add a sickness and it just gets clogged. The ears can't drain, the sinuses can't drain and everything just gets infected.

When her ears get all clogged up , she can't hear either and combine that with a fever and it gets pretty scary. I'm always checking to see if she is disoriented from fever or just partially deaf from the build up of gunk that can't escape. It requires getting real close to her face and yelling to make sure she can respond properly to what I am asking. Mega-antibiotic was started Saturday, so hopefully things will start improving. After a few doses, her fever spiked back up to 102.7, but maybe today it will really start working to clear this all up.

Her birthday is in two weeks and she is going to be six already!! It seems not so long ago that she was born and yet at the same time, its hard to remember life without her.


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