Saturday, December 26, 2009

All Cleaned Up, Almost.

Never have I wanted to take the Christmas stuff down more. I usually wait until after New Year's Day and I probably will again this year, but I want order back for some reason. Since I felt it would be wrong to deChristmatize so early, I worked on Brooke's room instead. I went through everything and got rid of anything she gave me permission to get rid of and I organized all her things, old and new. It may only last a day or two, but it made me feel better. I even ran to the store for socks because all of the unmatching ones disturbed me so greatly that I had to throw them awaY and replace them with new matching socks. I bought 16 pair. I also bought new undies for her too, just because they were cute.

I want to start on my room now because it is the catch all. Everything that doesn't have a home and several random tv's are just sitting in there. Yes, tv's. Every time someone gets a new flatscreen, they put the old dinosaur tv in my room. There are four in there now and one big one in the laundry room. Counting the other tv's in the house, we now have eleven. Its ridiculous and embarrassing. Tv's must go. Plus, I need that closet space back.

I'm tired of walking by the kitchen and eating cookies too. Cookies must go.

Brooke is so entertained with her movies, it has been such a nice, quiet day. I am trying to get all her laundry finished and then I will start on everyone else's. Its all excitement around here, all the time.

I'm thinking about cleaning myself up too and going out for a few hours. Then, I think about it and don't really wanna go. I think I will go just for that reason. This year I want to clean up a lot of things in my life. Somewhere along the line I have gotten so routine and overwhelmed at the same time. The overwhelm comes partly from the nothing new of it all. I need to try and do things I don't do anymore. Going out and seeing some old friends would probably be a good start.

Maybe I will go.....


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